Green logistics: Responsibility for the environment

Protecting the environment matters to us. People and technology – both make their contribution. From a technical point of view, our vehicles are as energy-efficient as they can be, complying with Euro 6 emission standards rating, the highest currently available. Fitted with AdBlue technology, they fulfil the strictest European exhaust gas norms. Regular training ensures that our professional drivers brake and change gears as efficiently as possible, leading to a lower fuel burn and CO2 output. Above all, environmental protection is a task for our logistics experts and route planners. By selecting optimal routes, avoiding empty journeys, maximising load capacity, bundling loads and combining transport assignments, we improve on the sustainability and the profitability of our services.


100% environmental protection

We also offer our customers Green Logistics as a Service in accordance with DIN EN 16258. This means that we deliver a detailed CO2 emissions report for the whole of the logistics chain along with a certificate for the offsetting of emissions via internationally recognised climate protection initiatives.



Environmentally friendly