3PL logistics: Perfect organisation for the whole logistics chain

As a system service provider for the automobile industry, we have had great success in specialising in 3PL logistics. With certified processes, the wise minds of our logistics department, a fast fleet and modern IT, we get the best out of the logistics chain for our customers. Fixed costs become variable costs – a further plus-point for increasing value creation.

3PL logistics

According to need and in close partnership, we go to great lengths to develop bespoke solutions. We are sole suppliers to production facilities, delivering right to the assembly line, and we link the flow of goods from manufacturer to the customer on a just-in-time and just-in-sequence basis, along with any related logistics services required. Ultimately, we shorten distances travelled, free you from complications, provide transparency and make you more efficient.

And finally, we have the necessary flexibility to react immediately to events as they happen and continuously improve transportation systems in order to optimise processes.

  • Direct, point-to-point, handover and combination transport
  • Complete, part and consolidated shipments, general cargo
  • Handling and storage of goods
  • Integration of IT systems
  • Warehouse stock management
  • Labelling and packaging
  • Shelf maintenance using Rackjobber




3PL logistics